Dear developers  

we are pleased to announce that detailed information about the main feature Decoupled is now available on the developer portal, while the release itself can be expected in January. You can access the detailed information here.  

Additionally, this version brings a breaking change for you in the creation of a consent or a payment submission. To better understand this breaking change we invite you to read the new dedicated HowTo here. Please note, that in the creation of a consent or payment submission, the format for "PSU-Accept-Language" will strictly need to adhere to a subset of RFC 1766. More information can be found here

Furthermore, in order to follow the OAuth2 standard as suggested by the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 Implementation Guidelines, the /token endpoint response will be updated : A 200 code will be provided for a successful call instead of a 201. 

To help you to familiarize with these breaking changes and to test the new features for the upcoming release, a new version of the sandbox is now available.